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Life at Senior Care Plaza

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Life at Senior Care

Senior Care Plaza offers seniors struggling with the burden of maintaining their home a comfortable home. With respect for their privacy and dignity, we offer assistance for senior living in Pittsburgh, PA, with daily activities such as, medications, eating, bathing, and mobility. Our 24-hour assisted living facilities in Pittsburgh, PA, provides meals, social activities, housekeeping, and medical management, all in a secure environment. Senior Living is dedicated to understanding and responding to the individual needs of our residents. Seniors can enjoy a rewarding lifestyle that promotes independence. The good life begins by choosing from one of suites that is best suited for you. We provide comprehensive support tailored to your needs; maintain your independence, but know that assisted living services are available.


Each resident is unique and receives and individual assessment as part of their admission process. Assessments are documented in a Personal Care Plan which is reviewed by family members. Assessments are reviewed on a periodic basis to keep care at the appropriate level.

Resident Council

Senior Care Plaza residents participate in a resident Council meeting each month that is conducted by the residents and their peers. This meeting is an opportunity for the residents to share their concerns, make suggestions, or recommendations in all aspects of the community. All residents are encouraged to attend and participate in this meeting. We are always looking to improve the quality of living here at Senior Care Plaza.

"Senior Care Plaza, Where ‘CARE’ is our Middle Name"

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What makes Senior Care Plaza so unique?

Our 24 hour care facility provides meals, social activities, housekeeping, and medical management, all in a secure environment.


We treat the seniors in our care as if they were our own family, and some of our staff have been with us so long that they have become family.


For over 25 years, We have operated as a family-owned facility driven to provide a residence with excellent care that encompasses the body, mind and spirit.


Our friendly, helpful and considerate staff provides comprehensive support tailored to your needs; let us do our best to put a smile on your face!


​We love when we overhear someone talking about us in the Pittsburgh area, because it's always good news! ​So please... ask your friends about us.

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